West: Center City West

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Center City West
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Open Sunday October 24, 2021 noon – 6pm

The Center for Emerging Visual Artists

+1 (215) 546-7775

With a mission to cultivate, nurture, and advance the careers of emerging visual artists while simultaneously expanding opportunities for the public to discover and connect with art, CFEVA’s services are designed to: raise the profile of Philadelphia’s professional artists, foster artistic experimentation and innovation, and showcase how vibrant artistic communities boost cultural tourism and foster economic development. Through fellowships, residencies, educational outreach, exhibitions, professional development, and city-wide events, CFEVA provides artists with the tangible resources needed to develop viable and sustainable careers.

237 S. 18th Street 3A
Philadelphia, PA 19103
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Ada Trillo

Artist, photographer
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200 N. 16th street Apartment 1311
Philadelphia, PA 19102
+1 (215) 531-1543
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