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Open Wednesday April 28, 2021 6-8pm
Palumbo Park, Palumbo Park, Palumbo Park
Palumbo Park
723 Catharine St.
Philadelphia 19147
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My studio or venue is wheelchair accessible
my studio, business or practice is particularly attractive to families and children
The exhibition will take place in a small outdoor park that is used by neighborhood residents and their families.
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Exquisite Copse Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition
activity description: 

Exquisite Copse is a temporary exhibition of sculptures in Palumbo Park, a small community park adjacent to Fleisher Art Memorial. The sculptures will be on display from October 4 - November 6, 2020 as part of the Da Vinci Fest and will be in the spirit of Da Vinci and some of the remarkable artists who came after him. A play on the Surrealists' game "Exquisite Corpse," Exquisite Copse will be a 3D version installed near small groves of trees in the part. The artworks will be positioned in groups of three, with artists finding creative ways to connect the otherwise unrelated sculptures.

Open Wednesday April 28, 2021 6-8pm