Open Sunday October 17, 2021 noon – 6pm
723 Chestnut Street. HOT•BED is located on the 2nd floor., "Playground" installation by Katee Boyle in front of HOT•BED's green wall and sunny windows, art gallery filled with plants and happy people
723 Chestnut Street Floor 2
Philadelphia, PA 19106
HOT•BED is a gallery, artist studios, and for-hire event venue

Wednesday-Friday 5-8 PM

Saturday 1-8 PM

By Appointment Only (walk-ins accepted on Saturdays)
Market-Frankford Line, Broad Street Line (8th & Market), PATCO (8th & Market), SEPTA bus routes 61, 47, 47M, 62 (8th & Chestnut)
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HOT•BED presents: open studio tours, "Hidden Threads" gallery hours and mimosa bar
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Join gallery owner Bryan Hoffman, gallery manager Anaïs Cooper-Hackman and the artists behind HOT•BED's current exhibition Hidden Threads (more on the exhibition below) Alex Griffin, Katee Boyle, and Carlos Alejandro for gallery hours and a complementary mimosa bar.

Visitors will have the opportunity to check out HOT•BED's available studio spaces with a mimosa in hand. Studio member and HOT•BED technical director Orlando Saverino-Loeb will also be on site to offer visitors a glimpse into a day in the life of a studio member at HOT•BED.

HOT•BED is pleased to present Hidden Threads, a group exhibition curated by Bryan Hoffman that explores the subconscious memories that inform our identities. As we navigate daily life, sensory stimuli may provoke unrelated recollections or emotions from the past. The work in the show is inspired by these involuntary memories, also known as “mind-pops,” which form the “hidden threads” that weave together our everyday experiences. Inspired by this idea, artists Katee Boyle, Carlos Alejandro, Alex Griffin, János Korodi, and Matt Nelson of N.E.thing_productions are exhibiting works spanning painting, photography, videography/projection mapping, sculpture, installations, and works on paper. In addition to their individual pieces, Boyle, Alejandro, and Nelson have also contributed new collaborative projects created especially for this exhibition. 

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Open Sunday October 17, 2021 noon – 6pm