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Open Sunday October 17, 2021 noon – 6pm
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Mind Carnival and Coal Project
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David R. Deakin - Mind Carnival Mind Carnival is an installation using a variety of media. David Deakin experiments with mixing conceptual art, narrative art, and appropriation art, in order to create a multi-sensory journey exploring themes from history, science, philosophy, and current events. Each piece in the collection reflects and critiques what he perceives to be the states of mind directing our world view.

Andrea Krupp - Coal Project Coal Project thinks through coal and carbon from visual, cultural, and material perspectives. Utilizing her deep research into anthracite coal, Andrea Krupp raises questions about the significance of coal’s visible and invisible presence in our world. By exploring it’s ambiguous materiality, she connects coal throughout time to other things, beings, materials, and events.

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Open Sunday October 17, 2021 noon – 6pm