ArtBox @ Lincoln Square | Mark Naylor

Open Sunday Apr 11, 2021 noon – 6pm
1000 S Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19146
A street level window gallery located on Broad and Washington

Community Vibration, 2020, neon, 10’x10’x2’

The interconnectedness of a society is explored in Community Vibration as a reminder that the small affects the large and the large affects the small.  There is a balance that is constantly in flux in communities as ideas change and new perspectives emerge.  The balance is maintained by thoughts and ideals that unify a group of humans together in the same space.  Community Vibrations is a celebration of the links that hold our societal fabric together and keep our lives vibrant.

Smaller huddles of abstract neon swirls are forced together to occupy a larger space but the individual huddles are bound to one another just as groups of people with similar ideas are bound to those with different ideas.  A jolt within one huddle causes a shockwave response to echo throughout the entire group of huddles just like a community.  Community Vibration invites the local community to directly interact with the abstract neon swirls, which is actually stimulated by observers passing by on the sidewalk. 

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Open Sunday Apr 11, 2021 noon – 6pm