CFEVA Members' Summer Show/Shop

CFEVA Members' Summer Show/Shop

Featuring a wide range of diverse artists and media, our newest art sale explores the ways CFEVA artists are emerging and expanding their practice.

Capturing the beauty and ephemera in the natural and material world around them, these artists command our attention. Their art examines our current world, and our place in it, in unique and innovative ways. Coming out of a global pandemic and into the summer months, creative expression has never been more important, to both the artists as well as their audiences. We are delighted to virtually present the work of 22 of our accomplished, resilient members in this summer’s show/shop.

- Zoe E. Gold, Summer 2021 CFEVA Intern, Bryn Mawr Class of 2022

Current artworks can be viewed and purchased at .

Featured artists include:

Alan Lankin
Annie Stone
Aubrey J Kauffman
Brian Bazemore
Constance Culpepper
Daina Higgins
Danielle Cartier
Elaine Soltis
Francis Beaty
Josephine Viviani
John Benigno
JP Weber
Lisa Domenic
Lori Raggio
Maria Maneos
Maria Schneider
Maryam's Mark
Michelle Marcuse
Sam Koren
Sophie White
Tom Herbert
Tremain Smith

August 16
September 30, 2021