CFEVA Art Shop: Highlighting Artists from Maida Milone's Collection

CFEVA Art Shop: Highlighting Artists from Maida Milone's Collection


This month, CFEVA Board Chair and supporter, Maida R. Milone received a Leadership award from the Greater Philadelphia Arts + Business Council. In honor of Maida's recognition, we are featuring some of the artists that she has collected from CFEVA over the years. Remember that each purchase of art also impacts positively the artists who create it. Each sale can make a real difference to their livelihood and give them the opportunity to continue their practice, which means everyone benefits. When you purchase through a CFEVA Art Sale, you also help us continue the work we do right here in Philadelphia to support our arts and culture sector. That's why this award means so much. With your help, together with our CFEVA artist community, we help fuel the creative economy here in Philadelphia.

"Why do I collect? The answer plain and simple is that I must. It is a categorical imperative of my life, inherited from my mother, I suspect.  

"Someone once asked me why I cannot look at and appreciate art that I like without having to own it. Implicit in the question, I have always thought, was why I was so 'acquisitive,' why I had to possess the art.  It was difficult to respond without seeming defensive and because it is hard to explain to someone who has no collecting impulse why being able to live with an object you have fallen for, and not let it out of your sight, takes over. It is the madness of romance or love or whatever you please. 

"The objects in my collection are near and dear to me, and when I see a piece of art that I love and think will be a good companion to other pieces in the collection I figure out how to make that happen.   

"People collect for a variety of reasons, obviously, and I can only speak passionately about what motivates me.  But that is not to say that the other reasons for collecting are not valid or as valid as mine. 

"Some people collect for financial reasons, hoping that art they purchase will increase in value.  And why not?  Buying art helps sustain artists, and in some cases, the work does increase in value. It is a much better use of your money than having it sit in a Money Market account at the moment. 

"I have been fortunate to have bought a number of works that appreciated in value, some through The Center for Emerging Visual Artists (CFEVA) and others not. And for me, while that is a terrific outcome, I would have bought the pieces nonetheless and loved them just as much. 

"Some people buy multiple pieces of art to decorate their homes and offices, and that is terrific, too. Why not surround yourself with original art that helps to pull together and animate your décor?  But let it be something that not only brings out the colors of your sofa but that sings to you, too.   

And some people do it for the fun of the chase and the ultimate success! I can relate to that impulse as well.   

My experience heading CFEVA for seven years and then serving on the Board for many, many years has exposed me to the best artists working in this region. And that exposure has been in capacities that have allowed me to spend a great deal of time with the artists and their works. That time has been some of the best of my personal and professional lives.  

When I served as CFEVA’s CEO, I bought a piece of art from almost all the artists who were in our Fellowship Program and those on our Board of Advisors, including Don Camp, Sidney Goodman, Will Barnet. While there is great satisfaction in adding an established artist’s work to my collection, there is nothing more satisfying and rewarding than connecting with artists in the early stages of their careers and watching them and their work develop. CFEVA has been the source of those amazing artists for me."

Maida Milone, May 2021





May 19
June 29, 2021
Philadelphia, PA