Su Knoll Horty

Open Wednesday April 28, 2021 6-8pm
abstract art, abstract paintings, contemporary painting, oil paintings,
+1 (302) 345-2747
Blick Art Materials
1330 Chestnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107
South: Center City East
What's happening here:

The sensation of color, the lushness of oil paints, the thrill of creating, and the surprise of abstraction are what drive me to paint--Add drama to the canvas, and I’m hooked!

At the inception of my paintings, I select colors inspired by nature, random places, or other artists’ paintings, whatever catches my eye, stirs my curiosity, or challenges me.

 I explore fluidity, in all its measures: organic form, undulating movement, saturated ‘liquid’ color, and stylized gestural marks. It’s through this fluidity that I find color to be most expressive.  Color relationships are very important to me, as are tonal variations.  I place color next to color, with the goal of finding just the right combination so that each will make the other shine, or as in this series, “Pop!”

My hope is that my paintings’ lushness, power and mood-altering color will affect the viewer on a visceral, not practical level.  I want to excite the viewers’ imagination so that they pay attention to, remember, and ultimately discover something new through color!

This series is called Color Pops.


Open Wednesday April 28, 2021 6-8pm