Samantha Simpson

Open Wednesday April 21, 2021 6-8pm
Mythologizing politics & domestic life in a series of large works on paper
Saga 2, a painting by Samantha Simpson
+1 (215) 908-0745
Samantha Simpson Studio
612 N. American St
Philadelphia, PA 19123
Northeast: Northern Liberties
What's happening here:
Saga Series: large work on paper

Join me in my studio to see pieces from my ongoing Saga project: a series of huge watercolors that are metaphors for political and domestic life. The pieces are inspired by the images of war on Trajan's column, and show characters navigating a perilous allegorical landscape: you can see frogs escaping Bannon-bats and DeVos-sponges, as well as a host of other familiar and unfamiliar figures. I'll be showing the completed sections of the Saga series as well as my latest work in progress and artists  books. The work is fine for kids but the studio is not wheelchair accessible. 

Open Wednesday April 21, 2021 6-8pm