Emilio Maldonado

Open Saturday Apr 17, 2021 noon – 6pm
Post consumer ensamblages exploring memory, nostalgia and social symbolism
Composed by 50 pieces of the ongoing project 0-100 is an ever changing graphic experiment that uses the relationship between object-society and symbol-meaning, as well as ideas of wealth, worth and value.
+1 (912) 508-5817
Art Truck (at Crane Arts)
1400 N American St
Philadelphia, PA 19122
Northeast: Kensington
What's happening here:

I work with the idea of abjection in my mind, of wandering thoughts and little epiphanies. Lately I have been flooded with the sense of dread that COVID-19 and isolation have brought into my life and my work has been a reaction to that. 

Open Saturday Apr 17, 2021 noon – 6pm