Demetra Tassiou

Open Saturday October 23, 2021 noon – 6pm
My work displays a sense of abstract elemental movement, reminding nature
City lights
Mill Studios
123 Leverington Avenue Studio 202
Manayunk, PA 19127
Northwest: Manayunk
What's happening here:

My work  displays a sense of abstract and elemental movement, reminding one of earth, sea, sky. I like to re-envision my work and most of the time,  my art is a continuous route to new discoveries by using evolving objects. 

 As a painter and printmaker, I start my pieces by collecting my thoughts and inspirations. I experiment on canvas by assembling etched-papers and collagraphs as collages. During this process, a dialogue develops between two different methods (acrylic / oil painting and print-making) which will eventually show complex multi-level artwork as an artist’s single brush stroke.

 I received my Bachelor Arts Degree at University of Athens. During my studies in Greece,  During my Masters in print making at University of Pennsylvania, my Japanese professor trained me on the minimalistic and acute techniques used in Japanese art. The themes of my artwork are my own imaginative reconnections with nature, sea, and the colorful environments that I have yearned for after moving to large urban American cities from the Mediterranean landscapes.

artwork description or key words: 
My work displays a sense of abstract elemental movement, reminding nature
artwork1 - details: 
Acrylic painting on canvas, 6f w x 3f h, $2,000
artwork2 - details: 
Acrylic on watercolor paper, 40 x30 ,$600
Open Saturday October 23, 2021 noon – 6pm