Danielle Cartier

Online Wednesday October 20, 2021
Murals & mixed media paintings
headshot of artist Danielle Cartier
+1 (408) 843-7910
+1 (856) 338-0400
Camden Fireworks Gallery & Creative Space
1813 South Broadway
Camden, NJ 08104
What's happening here:
Camden Fireworks Open Studios

Vistors to Camden Fireworks Gallery and Creative Space are invited to tour the current exhibition in the downstairs gallery space, explore the studios of multiple local visual artists working in various mediums and can also tour various public art murals in the neighborhood. 

artwork description or key words: 
Murals & mixed media paintings
artwork1 - details: 
Acrylic paint & mixed media on canvas, 5x6 feet, $7,400
artwork2 - details: 
Acrylic paint and mixed media on canvas, 22x28 inches, $800
Online Wednesday October 20, 2021