Ali Williams and Brad Carney

Open Saturday October 16, 2021 noon – 6pm
Murals, Paintings, and Prints
Colorful interior Mural pictured. Mural is above a wall of spray paint cans. Depicted in the mural are pink clouds behind a grecian statue wearing an own mask. An owl rests on the statue's shoulder, with a crescent moon above. The mural trails off to the right.
Ground mural with bold, vibrant colors (blue, purple, pink, yellow, green), with fun shapes and pattern design
Interior Mural pictured with the words Hope, Support, Strength, Unity, Community, Friend, and Faith in warm yellow, orange and red tones mimicking a sunset. Below is a graphic ocean of cool blues with the words Lost, Stress, Anxiety, Numb, etc. Surrounding this imagery is a circular green vine enclosing the mural with words hidden in the vines: Time, Curious, Mindful, etc
Open Saturday October 16, 2021 noon – 6pm